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Takayuki KATAHIRA Profile

1964 Born in Kanagawa Japan
1988 BFM,Musashino Art University
1999 Vermont Studio Center(VT)Art in Residence

Solo exhibitions

2014 White Darkness -Gallery Kobo(Tokyo)
2012 White Darkness -OPTICAL YABUUCHI(Fukushima)
2002 Visiter -Kyoonshosha(Katunuma)
2001 Hurt Each Other,Go Over Time and Place,Release Your Mind -Gallery Kobo(Tokyo)
2000 Difference and Analogy of Mutualism -Art Space Baku(Fukuoka)
1999 Inter claritynot,out of reach,it is in yourself -Gallery Kobo(Tokyo)Red Mill Gallery(VT) Rola Lusso Gallery(OR)
1998 I think you who has crossed the border spirit to be superb -Gallery Space21(Tokyo)
1997 Consideration of Amplitude Immanence in Critical Point -Moris Gallery(Tokyo)
1995 Limpid Existence and Froating, Oscillating Domain -Gallery Den(Tokyo)
1990 Rare Resemble of Collctive Noun -Gallery Den(Tokyo)
1989 Mr.K&P Considering the Polar Regions Mechanics of Image -Muramatu Gallery(Tokyo) Goethe-Institut(Tokyo)
1988 Gallery NW House(Tokyo)

Group exhibitions

2013-1992 Todays Art Textile -gallery saiensu(Morioka) etc.
2008-1998 Form of Floating -Wakor Ginza Art Space(Tokyo)Gallery Maronie(kyoto)
2007-2003 Art of Christmas -Sapporo Art Park(Hokkaido)
2006 Sapporo Art Exhibition -Sapporo citizens gallery(Hokkaido)
2001 Show Case Gallery -Gallery Gallery(Kyoto)
2000 Clothes of Body -Wakor Ginza Art Space(Tokyo) etc.
2000 Kanagawa Art Annual 2000 -Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery(Yokohama)
1998 Inter National Young Art at Sothebys -Art Link(Tel-Aviv,Israel)
1997 The First Steps -Gray Art Gallery(NYU)
1996 Art Exchange -Moris Gallery(Tokyo)
1987 Textile as Art -Citizen Gallery of Setagaya Art Museum(Tokyo)